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Same Day CEREC Crowns

When obtaining a dental crown at most dental practices in the Sunnyvale, California area, patients will need to make multiple appointments for preparation, molds, creation, and bonding. Fortunately, patients who visit the practice of Drs. Todd Adams and Derek Tang can have all of this done in a single visit, enjoying same-day dental crowns made with CEREC technology.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is a specialized CAD/CAM system that takes 3D digital impressions of the prepared teeth, eliminating the need for messy impression. These images are used to create a dental crown with specialized computer software. The final restoration is milled from a block of porcelain right in the office while patients wait, which allows for same-day placement. CEREC is not available at all dental offices but saves everyone time and money in obtaining the smile of their dreams. This technology is just one of many different technological advances used in our facility to provide our patients with the best possible care in Sunnyvale, California.

Are CEREC crowns durable?

Absolutely! Dental crowns and other restorations made using CEREC are just as strong as laboratory-created restorations. They will withstand chewing and biting forces and with proper care, can last many years. When patients have a dental crown placed, Drs. Todd Adams and Derek Tang will review with patients the ways in which they need to care for their crowns to extend longevity.

What are the pros and cons of CEREC crowns?

There are really no negatives to CEREC crowns, as they are just as strong and beautiful as crowns made at a dental laboratory by a qualified ceramist. There are many advantages, including the ability to avoid separate appointments, obtaining dental crowns in a single visit, and having a dental restoration that matches the rest of your smile for seamless integration.

Enjoy CEREC one visit dentistry with Drs. Todd Adams and Derek Tang

If you are in the areas of Cupertino, Mountain View, San Jose, Los Altos, Santa Clara, or Sunnyvale, California and are interested in getting same-day restorations, contact our team today by calling (408) 355-9292. We are here to help, offering general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry at our practice conveniently located at 1555 Sunnyvale Saratoga Road.