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Oral Surgery

What oral surgeries are provided by Sunnyvale, CA area dentists?

Oral surgery is one aspect of dentistry that offers a range of treatment options for patients who need more extensive work. Drs. Todd S. Adams and Derek H. Tang provide oral surgery for new and established patients and families at their dental office. The most popular oral surgery is that of endodontic therapy.

Is a root canal considered oral surgery?

Endodontic therapy, also referred to as a root canal, is an oral surgery as it requires a more invasive procedure to access and remove the dental pulp from inside of the natural tooth. This is done to address an infection that may have occurred or injury to the tooth. Removing the dental pulp causes the tooth to deaden. The inner canals of the tooth are disinfected and then filled with a material called gutta percha. The dentist will seal off the tooth with composite resin bonding, and in many cases, will fabricate a dental crown to place over the tooth and strengthen it, protecting it from unwanted damage in the future.

How long does oral surgery take?

There are various factors that are considered when quoting the time needed for root canal therapy, so a consultation appointment with Drs. Todd S. Adams and Derek H. Tang will help in answering this question based on an individual’s unique situation.

What are the alternative treatments to root canal therapy?

Unfortunately, there are no alternative options when it comes to patients who may require root canal therapy. Instead, if a patient chooses not to undergo endodontic treatment, they will need to have a natural tooth extracted and replaced with a partial denture, bridge, or dental implant.

Learn more about oral surgery today

If you believe you need root canal therapy, we strongly encourage you to book an appointment with our providers to discuss the possibility of requiring oral surgery. Drs. Todd S. Adams and Derek H. Tang are available to assist with a wide range of treatment options for patients and believes in providing the best solutions for an individual based on their needs. Call (408) 355-9292 to schedule a consultation visit with our staff and find out more about the variety of dental solutions we provide for new and existing patients in our state-of-the-art dental facility.