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Oral Cancer Screening

Sunnyvale, CA area practice offers routine oral cancer screenings

The word “cancer” can be scary in and of itself for many individuals. It is a condition that needs to be taken seriously for one’s overall health and wellbeing. Some cancers are harder to detect in their earlier stages, when effective treatment can be done, and patients can achieve remission. However, oral cancer is one type of cancer that can be caught early as it is visible and easy to treat in the earliest stages. Oral cancer screenings should be done regularly at routine dental visits with Sunnyvale, CA area professionals.

What is oral cancer screening?

Just like other screenings for cancers elsewhere on the body, oral cancer screenings are routine evaluations that are done to spot the earliest signs of cancer. During a cleaning and evaluation with a patient, our team will also evaluate the soft tissues of the mouth, including the tongue and upper throat, to look for signs of oral cancer. If an area of concern is spotted, then our team may perform a biopsy to evaluate the sample further for cancerous cells. If a patient receives a positive result from the biopsy, Drs. Todd S. Adams and Derek H. Tang will work with the patient to help them find the best way to resolve the issues and restore their oral health.

Is oral cancer screening necessary?

Absolutely! Patients should be proactive about spotting signs of oral cancer, just as they would skin cancer. Any growths, patches, or wounds in the mouth should be evaluated by a professional for cancer.

How often should you have oral cancer screening?

Our dental team performs an oral cancer screening during each routing cleaning and evaluation. Patients can also make an appointment for a screening if an area of concern develops in-between their recall visits.

Are you ready to evaluate your smile for the early detection of oral cancer?

Contact Drs. Todd S. Adams, Derek H. Tang and their team in Sunnyvale, CA by calling (408) 355-9292 for an appointment. The office is located at 1555 Sunnyvale Saratoga Road and accepts new patients. Their facility is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure patients have access to the high-end treatments they deserve with a price and quality they can afford!